About us

Pi Wood-Fired Pizza has been creating certified, world-class pizza in Rochester, MN, since 2009.

We deliver authentic, artisan pizza using the freshest available ingredients. Our dough is made daily using a lengthy fermentation to develop the most complex flavors and create a lighter crust. Our inspiration comes from the ingredients. We use the freshest products and freeze nothing but the ice in your drink. It is more work, and you can taste the difference. It produces a healthier and better tasting pizza.

We bake our hand-crafted pizzas in our custom-made oven. Locally grown white oak fuels the temperature to 900 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing us to forge our specialty pizzas in less than 2 minutes. Our experience proves that high temperature, wood-fired cooking produces unique smoky flavors that cannot be captured by any other cooking method.

Our open kitchen allows customers to interact with us in a personal fashion creating a unique dining experience. Join us on our non-stop quest of creating amazing pizzas and great service.

Our pizza is guaranteed to satisfy.

Super fast & super fresh.